About Us

HTS Logistics is one of the world’s top freight forwarding and contract logistics providers, a leader and investor in technology to enhance supply chain efficiency, and a pioneer in emerging markets.

Fast & Professional

HTS Logistics’ experienced and professional specialists focus on seamlessly designing end-to-end customized solutions to meet the complex and rapidly evolving supply chain needs whatever the business sector.

30 Years & of Experience

HTS Logistics is a leader in the transportation industry with over 30 years of experience in over the road, rail, air and ocean services. Our experience offers a variety of resources to move goods throughout the U.S. efficiently.

Meet our company & HTS Logistics

Our core services for many years have been a range of comprehensive transport solutions via road, air, rail and sea. Due to our expertise and global reach these core activities have evolved to include international commercial and domestic removals. Our removal services include video inventory, packing, transport, warehousing on short and long term, international customs importation and a complete unpacking and positioning service at destination property.

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Security of packages

Your package is given a tracking number so that it gets identifiable. The tracking number should be available for you on the HTS Logistics website.

Delivery on time

We offer a variety of transportation services to get your product delivered where it needs to be on your deadline and your budget.